Mid-Range Hunting/Tactical

AHMR SFP IR MOA Reticle has an illuminated 20 moa center with a 2 moa center cross and 2 moa incremental hash marks which provide a unique two layer visual reference for a shooter to locate and get dead on the target within a blink of an eye. The illuminated reticle provides excellent low light visibility. The unique design of the markings with 2 & 4 moa and 6 & 8 moa locating at the opposite side of the lines gives you a clear reading of the markings with no confusion.

Subtensions in MOA: A1 (0.12); A2 (1.5); B1 (0.5); B2 (1); B3 (0.5); B4 (1.5); C1 (1); C2 (1); C3 (2).

User Manual: Download

Available Products:
Midas HMR HD 2.5-15x50 SFP
Midas BTR GEN2 HD 4.5-27X50 SFP

APMR FFP IR MIL Reticle is designed to maximize your performance on long and mid-distance shooting with illuminated center cross and 0.5 mil hash mark, the APMR IR MIL reticle can help you quickly lock in your target and set holdover positions and leads for a moving target. The illuminated 18 mil span cross lines with 0.5 mil hash marks and 0.2 mil hash marks from 7 mil to 9 mil on three directions provide finer details that helps the shooter quickly locate the target and find a holdover position within higher level of precision and confidence.

Subtensions in MOA: A1 (0.02); A2 (0.4); A3 (0.05); A4 (0.1); B1 (0.2); B2 (0.4); B3 (0.3); C1 (0.5); D1 (0.5); D2 (1); D3 (0.2); D4 (1); D5 (0.2).

User Manual: Download

Available Products:
Helos BTR 6-24X50 FFP
Helos BTR 8-34x56 FFP
Argos BTR GEN2 6-24x50 FFP
Argos BTR GEN2 8-34x56 FFP

ATMR1 SFP IR MIL Reticle is perfect for shooting at the range or competing in a competitions. The customized Mil hash mark design helps to eliminate any guesswork with holdover and windage adjustments. The illuminated reticle is great for low light situations when you need to count on a good, accurate shot.

Subtensions in MIL: A1 (0.02); A2 (0.5); B1 (0.3); B2 (0.6); B3 (0.8); C1 (0.25); C2 (0.5); C3 (1).

User Manual: Download

Available Products:
Talos 6-24x50 SFP